Sterling Vineyards

Video tour: Sterling Vineyards – Create Four “mini-docs”  (each 3 – 5 minutes in length):


Digitalcore created a Four part video tour for Sterling Vineyards. Sterling vineyards is one of the most visited wineries in Napa Valley.  Sterling is unique, it sits high above Napa Valley, and getting up to the working winery by way of a Gondola.


Sterling sells tickets for the self guided tour. Which includes four parts, each at a station on the premises. The first part, is a welcome video. Which plays at the bottom of the winery and instructs visitors how to purchase Gondola tickets, and what to expect from the tour. Once you get off the Gondola, we move to the next video, that explains history of the winery, as well as guide visitors to the next stations.



Then, we reach the working part of the winery at the “Fermentation Overlook”. In this video we show the harvesting, grape selection and processing.  In this video, visitors are educated on the entire winemaking process, from soil to glass.



Lastly, we reach the final video of the tour, inside the “Barrel Overlook”. We installed five TV stations around the perimeter above the Barrel room to improve foot traffic and flow. The video explains the barreling process and how the barrels influence the taste of the wines.  All in the backdrop of a working winery, in an elegant and non-intrusive manner.



Each video is a “mini doc”, shot in documentary style. It includes helicopter fly-overs of the winery, early morning harvests, transport, grape processing and the process of making the barrels at one of the few barrel making Cooperage’s in America.  In addition, we filmed the winemakers and key personnel, whom help to welcome and explain the winemaking process.



Digitalcore filmed on location for fourteen days, and also installed the equipment for playback along the tour. We consulted Sterling on foot traffic placement and improved the visitor experience as a result.


In addition to the tour placement, we developed motion sensor systems that sensed the presence of visitors, which triggered the videos. Helping the winery’s workers tremendously. When the visitors were not present during off season or slow times, we were able to cutdown the energy costs and audio noise while the workers went about their day.

The video content is also setup for remote updating, so that the content can be managed and updated regularly.  Including adding sales tickers, promotions, guidance and event news.

“Working on this project gave me a huge appreciation for the amount of work involved in winemaking. Most notably, the harvesting and attention to detail of the grapes and blending.”

-Brent Kirsten

From start to finish, the viewer learns about the history of the winery, the harvesting and winemaking process and an insight into the old-age making of the wine barrels.  With over fifteen minutes of content, each mini-doc is both informative and entertaining without overbearing the visitors as they stroll through the beautiful scenery and enjoy their wine.


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